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Travel Tips For New York

Small Business Summit in New York City My last trip, I picked up some tips for smooth travel. You can find here Hopefully you if you are headed to New York to help a few.

La Guardia Airport

Unfortunately, not go directly to the airport by train (subway). Taxis are everywhere, but expensive. If you are traveling with young children, disabled or elderly person, but they are a good option. Expected to pay $ 50 to $ 30 Manhattan. In a good website to get an estimate of the taxi fare. The most economical option is the bus. La Guardia (3/10) of M60 (the line was out the latest maps on the bus / in order to obtain the path information to perform a search for “New York” bus map.

You can take the bus all the way to your destination, but the stop-and-move too much traffic in advance for your understanding. So if you’re prone to motion sickness may not be a good option. Go uptown or downtown Manhattan, you will be a long time on the bus. On the way into town, I decided to ride the bus to go past Central Park, I would have never seen before. I did not make it this time, but I estimate it took an hour and a half from the airport to Manhattan it! It was very hard for me to keep my stomach down to the end of the trip. However, perhaps this bus trip you for you will not.

N or W line, pick up the nearest metro station from LaGuardia Airport Astoria (again, “the New York subway map” or something similar to the latest information and perform a search). You can take a taxi the short distance – about 1 to 2 miles – or M60 bus. 3/10 of the current bus journey is one of the $ 2.25 in cash or MetroCard MetroCard (anymore). Most of the people at a glance seems like a short hop M60.

Forget renting a car! Is the fact that all the rumors about the traffic of New York. It’s pretty much gone.


MetroCard for public transportation that is used in almost every city bus and subway system. Credit cards, but this card a lot of tough, fairly embedded self yapeunwa the band, but the thin plastic card. Does not put it in your pocket where it can be bent (this is bad!), So it’s going to destroy. If you coming from the Delta or U.S. Airways from LaGuardia Airport, you, you must take the airport bus to the main terminal, but you can buy a card from the main terminal, so pick the M60 up to the right in front of the Delta terminal.

You can purchase a MetroCard means of cash and a credit card or magazine can be taken from a vending machine. Although I’d be in New York for only three days to seven days unlimited card in anticipation of the use extensively in the subway during my stay were determined. I gave the card to a random airport employee on the last day I’m on my way, you do not want the rest of the cards go to waste. With a bit of a surprised look, they said, “Thank you!”

I learned the hard way you away faster than eighteen minutes swipe card limit would not. Contact before elsewhere in the system, and on the opposite side of the street, you make a mistake When you enter the subway, so you have to wait for eighteen minutes. Sure, but the reason for that rule, I really do not smell.